Zig-Zag Successful Business Strategies
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Zig-Zag Successful Business Strategies

Ken Hendricks - Zig-ZAG Practioner

This modest Rock County resident is featured on the cover of the December 2006 issue of the Inc. magazine. Hendricks serves as CEO and chairman of American Builders & Contractors Supply Co. He founded the firm in 1982 with his wife, Diane. It has since exploded to 345 locations in 48 states, with sales of $3.1 billion and about 6,000 employees. Hendricks' net worth is estimated at about $2.6 billion, ranking him 107th on Forbes magazine's list of the 400 richest Americans. Read more: Ken Hendricks - Zig-ZAG

Leaders with leading questions

Whatever the reason for owning a business, a vast majority of owners, have one critical thing in common – they have no formal business training. They know their business but they do not know business. In the 2006 Fortune magazine "100 Best Company's To Work For" survey, not a single employee said MONEY was a reason they loved where they worked. NOT ONE! Read more: Leaders - Leading with Questions

Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation

Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation was originally a division of International Harvesters. The then plant manager Jack Stack was instructed by the International Harvester board to close the Springfield plant down. Stack and 12 other managers offered to buy out the division for $9-million. Read more: Zig Zag Business Strategies 1

Characteristics of Innovative Leaders

Fast and action oriented. Speed, responsiveness, and agility are everything to innovative leaders who analyze situations, make decisions and act on opportunities. They find reasons and shortcuts to slash red tape.Read more: Zig Zag Business Strategies 2

How one CEO learned to fly

NEW YORK (Fortune) – It's tough to find an executive who has delivered top performance across as wide a swath of business as Boeing CEO W. James McNerney. In a 19-year career at General Electric, he ran GE's Asian operations, its light bulb business and its jet engine business, among others – performing so well that he was a finalist to succeed CEO Jack Welch in late 2000. When he didn't get that job, 3M recruited him almost instantly to be CEO; the stock rose 34 percent on his watch. He left 3M to become Boeing's chief in mid-2005, and since then the stock is up 30 percent.Read more: Zig Zag Business Strategies 3

How School Killed Creativity

Early childhood is a time of enormous creativity. Between five and seven years of age, people score higher on creativity tests than they will at any other age. At age 44, they score the lowest. Rather depressing. It's also interesting that, according to research, you laughed about 113 times per day as a young child and you get down to only 11 times per day during middle age. Many students of creativity have linked creativity to humor, or vice versa. How many times a day do you laugh? Read more: Zig Zag Business Strategies 4

UN-Qualified Innovators

Orville Wright, He is credited with making the world's first powered flight, on 17th December 1903, near Kitty Hawk North Carolina USA, in a plane he and his brother Wilbur designed and built. The plane flew 120 feet (37 meters) in 12 seconds.Wright's occupation was that of a bicycle mechanic. He built and repaired bicycles.
What Wright did NOT have, was a pilots license, or any qualifications, in Aeronautical Engineering.Read more: Zig Zag Business Strategies 5

Commander Michael Abrashoff

Commander Michael Abrashoff, turned around the operations of USS Benfold in twenty months (1996/97). His methods were not complex, yet his results were astounding.Read more: Zig Zag Business Strategies 6

Treat People Like Winners

True or false: American business draws its vitality from being big. False. For example, IBM's new and highly successful personal computer was created by a small group men working around the clock at the company's plant at Boca Raton, Florida, far from major corporate power centres. In fact, "Most new business breakthroughs come from "small bands of zealots" operating outside the mainstream." Zig Zag Business Strategies 7

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